Who is the Session for?

This session is for anyone who wants to:

  • Introduce supporting Beliefs to Subconscious Mind

  • Remove stress, anxieties, traumas

  • Get rid of phobias

  • Unleash potential

  • Increase creativity

  • Improve effectiveness

  • Clear the emotional baggage or clear the Heart Wall 

  • Gain control over emotions, sensitivity, vulnerability

  • Buidl better relations

  • Find a life partner

  • Improve health and remove psychosomatic symptom

  • Have successful career and succeed financially

  • Fell the joy

  • Feel peacefully

  • Fell the fulfillment 


* Sessions are for both adults and children

What is the session like?

This is an individual session.

Delivered remotely: online (LINK do pokoju konferencyjnego) or via phone - this aims to give you a comfort of sitting in your favourite, safe place.  The remote session is as effective as the session in the room.


We can speak Polish or English.

The session lasts 1h 30min (Psych-K) or 60min (Emotion Code).

For the best results I offer a Programme of 4 session, each is about deep transformation of different areas in your life - please call and I will present the details.


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