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Emotion Code™

and emotions

What Emotion Code is?

Emotion Code™ is a process originated by Dr Bradley Nelson. The purpose of Emotion Code is to eliminate subconscious barriers which create emotional and physical discomfort, improve the relationships with others, enhance love in your life or remove self-sabotaging beliefs through clearing the experienced negative emotions and traumas.

How it can help?

  • Overcome stress, anxiety, negative thoughts and beliefs

  • Remove the stress from the past

  • Build self esteem, clear doubts

  • Ease physical discomfort

  • Find a life partner

  • Improve the family relationships

  • Build positive relationships with others

  • Release the destructive emotions

Symptoms of trapped emotions

Our bodies and everything around us is energy. The emotions we experience are energies too. ​When experiencing a strong emotion (e.g. deep sadness, resentment, anger, bitterness, jealousy, shame) all of them may get trapped in your energy field.  Destructive emotions, if not processed properly, may gather and pile in the body throughout entire lifetime - and we may be swamped with horehounds of the limiting emotions. What could be the results or symptoms of trapped emotions?

  • pron to feel negative emotions

if you experienced a deep sadness when being a child, as an adult you may feel the sadness frequently when dealing with  various situations in your life.

or if you observed others having intensive emotions, for eaxmple you father was extremaly angry, most likely you may feel intensive anger as well.

  • physical pain

trapped emotions affect the natural energy field, if not cleared or processed on time, they can resonate with pain in teh physical body.​

  • damage of organs and glands, for example:

- anger, bitterness, gult, hatred, resentment are produced by the liver (observe how some people behave under the influence of alcohol, alcohol impacts the liver);

- love and effort unreceived, abandonment, lost and forlorn are feelings generated by heart.  People who experience these  emotions can feel physically as if their heart was broken.

Inherited emotions

Not only the difficult situations from our lives may be a cause of the destructive emotions which we cant deal with easily. It has been scientifically proved that our ancestors, when experienced traimatic events, can pass to us stress, depression and anxiety (Scientist from University of Bristol published the results of their reasearches in "Biology Letters").

Emotion Code can help release inherited emotions too.

Sunset Love

The Heart Wall

Majority of people build a Wall around their Hearts as a protection from being hurt again.

The Emotion Code Session for clearing the Heart Wall may result in:

  • improving the relationships with others

  • finding a life partner

  • being kind

  • unconditional love

  • ease the pain in chest, upper back, shoulders and neck

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