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Magda Mleczkowska

Psych-K Facilitator, Emotion Code and Reiki Practitioner

I have been working on Professional Development matters for over 12 years.

Through my whole life I have been looking for inspirations and motivation to change and be a better person. I often felt anger, anxiety and stress. I was stressed mainly because of working for the big companies where working to tight deadlines and doing more every day is a must. In the long term the emotional issues and tough work resulted in allergies, skin problems, weak immune system, infections.

I was looking for the best retreat methods: practicing and teaching tai chi, meditation, herbs treatments, coaching program, behavioral therapy, working with mentors.

​I got many befits from experiencing above methods, however there was always something missing. I always felt that even though I read many books, attend many courses and was thinking positively - there was still something holding me back...

...until I discovered Psych-K® i Emotion Code, Reiki, Healing Meditation.


These are modalities of energy psychology which are super easy and work super fast.

They release the stress from the past, destructive emotions and change the subconscious programming (which holds back everyone!), they can also remove symptoms of psychosomatic diseases.

I love changing the subconscious programming with Psych-K® as it truly makes a huge shift during 1 session - impacting any area of your life you want (e.g. health, relationships, self esteem, joy, career, finance, etc.)

Everyone deserve the life they want. You deserve the life you want.

Therefore my life goal is to help as many people as I can to transform their lives and feel the joy and satisfaction every day - using modalities which work fast:

Psych-K®, Emotion Code, Reiki and Healing Meditation.

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