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You can book PSYCH-K sessions and get 1 free Coaching session

till end of January 2021.

This coaching session will help recognize areas for development!

Book a free consultancy call:


You will also receive 3 bonuses:

Kupka Happy Group


 4 Emotion Code session for free!

If you share your opinion on my facebook fanpage and google add you will receive 4 sessions of Emotion Code that can release trapped emotions from your energy filed

(e.g. one of the Emotion Code process can clear the Heart Wall which can result in improving the communication with yourself and others and help finding a life partner)

​The price of 1 session 50 USD. You will receive

4 sessions worth 200 USD for free!


PSYCH-K session

- 50%

If you recommend the PSYCH-K session to your family or friend

you will get a dicosunt of 50% for your next PSYCH-K session.


Books available only in Polish


Doskonale Niedoskonali, tom III

Praca zbiorowa: Agata Limanówka, Magdalena Mleczkowska i inni

Cena książki w przedsprzedaży: 39.90zł

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